Stir-fry Papaya Flower with Cassava Leaf

Have you ever cook papaya flower.  The papaya flower is obtained from the male papaya tree (which will not produce fruit) and it has very high in nutritional value. It is believed can stabilize blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. Those who have these health problems are advisable to occasionally insert this in their daily meals for it can give advantages to their health. 
Papaya flower has a strong bitter taste. If you love the sensation of bitter in your food, this ingredient is strongly recommended.... It can be cooked to be a delicious and advantageous cuisine. However it may not be accepted by the throat of those who are not accustomed to eat bitter food. There are various ways to get rid of the bitter taste. Some may blanch it together with tamarind or asam keping, soak it in salty water or cooking it together with Daun Gosing (Senduduk leaves). All the methods are very effective. However, lots of nutrients content in the papaya flower may be damaged due to the blanching process. Sabahan people have their own way to get rid of the bitter taste without the boiling task. Just cook it with cassava leaf and you will find the bitter taste disappears by itself.  By this way, you are not just be able to maintain the nutrients content in the papaya flower from damaged but you are also get multiple nutrients for cassava leaf are also believed to have benefits of its own.

  • 300g papaya flower
  • 300g cassava leaf
  • 1 can of canned mackerel in chili sauce
  • 60g sliced shallot
  • 400g sliced Garlic
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • Salt and sugar to taste
  • Half cup of water

  1. Pluck papaya flower from the stalk and rinse with water until the itchy latex content are thoroughly removed.
  2. Wilted cassava leaves by rubbing it with both hands. Rinse.
  3. Heat up 2tbsp oil in a preheated wok, saute shallot and Garlic until fragrant.
  4. Add in canned mackerel, Stir briskly over high heat until aromatic.
  5. Add in papaya flower and cassava leaf followed by Seasoning. Stir-fry until well combined.
  6. Pour in half cup of water, Bring to boil. Toss well. Covered and allow simmering over medium heat until the gravy is nearly dry. Ready to serve.


Let's Make Bosou-Step by Step

This is another version of my Bosou Sada recipe. My last post about Bosou is about a couple years ago. I really love this food as it was also one of the KadazanDusun Signature Dish that has been a favorite of many. The look may be disgusting those who don’t really like it and it may make them turn their face away just to avoid the ‘special smell’. But for Bosou lovers, they may refer that special smell just as the aroma of the blue cheese or the Chinese smelly tofu, yet the taste is also super delicious. It may serve in many different ways...

Try Spaghetti Bolognese with stir-fry Bosou as a side dish
Or...enjoy it with Tinanok Guol (boiled yam)
Also goes really delicious when served with Linopot (Wrapped rice in special Leaves)
Also... Simply delicious when eat it with steamy rice without any other dishes. Or just give an addition to the Bosou according to your liking... you may enjoy it just the way it was or you may stir-fry it with some other vegetable to make it more aromatic.  So, to Bosou lovers... when enjoy your favorite Bosou, just prepare for an extra bowl of rice because I’m sure you would really need a second helping of it.  :)
Nowadays so many Bosou Lovers don’t even have an idea how it was made. They would rather buy the readymade though it cost them more. For me, homemade Bosou is always special because we can control the ingredients to suit it to our own taste.  So, let’s make Bosou.  Here I will show you step by step how to make it...

The Ingredients:
50g pounded Pangi (Pangium edule)
500g small fishes
Ginger, White Radish, Tuhau, Lesun(Chives) and White Chili 
A big bowl of Rice
The Method:
~Put all ingredients in a big bowl.
~Add in excess salt to prolong the shelf life of the Bosou. And also to give more sourish taste to it.
~Mix until well combined.
Store in airtight bottle, container or jar.  
Only to be eaten after preserved for a couple of weeks. 
So wait for the result in my coming post... :)

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