Sambal Tuhau


Tuhau included in the category of ginger. It is widely used in Sabahan dishes especially by the KadazanDusun community. Like other food ingredients, tuhau also can be mixed in any type of cooking such as soup or stir-fry. One of the most special and famous recipe is the sambal tuhau.
Sambal tuhau is a KadazanDusun traditional side dish. Its very flexible and can be served with various type of food, no matter traditional or modern dishes. Some people doesn’t like it due to the strong smell, but for sambal tuhau’s fan like me… that’s what make it really special... believe it or not… it’s also goes really well with the famous instant mi in Malaysia .. Maggie mee... yummy!

Sambal Tuhau

  1. 5-8 stems tuhau
  2. 5 bird eye chili
  3. 1 lime
  4. Shrimp paste (optional)
  5. some salt
  • Peel the hard skin of the tuhau’s stem, take only the soft inside. Then chop finely.
  • Mash the bird eye chili. Mix together with the chopped tuhau.
  • Add in salt and lime juice. Stir until well combined.
  • Marinate for a while. Ready to serve.
  • To be more durable, marinate with vinegar instead of lime juice and store in airtight jar. Refrigerate. 



Hi author. I really love your combination of modern & traditional recipe of KDM and with this opportunity I would like to put your article and the pictures, courtesy of your weblink, inside our church's Kaamatan book.Should you agree, a copy of the book will be given to you. Kounsikou

The World of Ayah Wan Merican Noordin

It is very nice.
I have just got married a Dusun lady from Keningau and my mother-in-law made this and Sambal Kemangi...


Hi Motox,
I really appreciate it ... hopefully it's not too late for me to say 'yes' :)


Thanks for stop by The World of Ayah Wan Merican Noordin...

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