Simmered Fish

Long time ago, in the days before there are road transportation, the people of my village have to walk miles away along the Kadamaian River bank to reach the nearest town of Kota Belud. Its purpose is to exchange (barter system) goods from the highland such as forest products, vegetables, tobacco and a few other with the goods that can only be found in the town such as salt, sugar, salted fish, anchovies and some fresh fish. All of these goods are carried using 'wakid'.

wakid - for carrying various types of goods
Before starting the journey back, fresh fish should be cooked first to prevent it from becoming stale and rotten. It has to be boiled until the gravy is completely dry. The fish that cooked thoroughly are more durable and can last up to two weeks.

Today I wanna share this fish recipe... it's difficult to obtain the original ingredients here in town, so I slightly modified the recipe by replace some of the ingredients.  However, the cooking methods are still the same.

Simmered Fish
(Pinarasakan Sada)

Main Ingredients: 
Fresh Mackerel Scad @ Ikan Basung
a few slices of raw pineapple

minced tuhau
sliced green & white part of scallion, garlic, shallot and ginger

Seasoning Ingredients:
~Some salt, MSG(optional) and sugar to taste.

Cooking Method:
  • As a base, place the 'tintap' leaf at the bottom of the pot followed by sliced pineapple.
  • Mix well fish with the seasoning, minced tuhau and sliced ingredients. Then place into the pot.
  • Place the green parts of scallion on top and then cover with the excess slice of pineapple.
  • Place the pot lid, cook with hard fire until boiling and then bring to simmer until the gravy is almost dry.
  • Transfer the fish to a serving dish and garnish with chopped green onion. Ready to serve.
simmered fish @ pinarasakan sada
* More durable if cooked until the gravy is completely dry, but I prefer to leave a little because it's very tasty and the aroma is so tempting *



Yum yum! Great blog! Please keep it up! :)

AloyCia Eyoke Joan

Hi d1n0za,thanks a lot for your encouragement... :)


nyum... mcm 'pinasakan' bah ni kan.. I am not sure if my spelling is correct...hehehhehe...

great blog.. I hope you can keep it up.. not only on cooking maybe ... how to make bambangan...and all the traditional food... jeruk tuhau... nah apa lagi... hahahhaha...

looking forward.. keep it up.. :D

AloyCia Eyoke Joan

Thanks CathJ... actually just the same then, hanya ejaannya saja yang berbeza...

I improvised it a bit because it was difficult to get its original ingredients here in town...

Please read my other post ...you will find more traditional dishes there... and more to come... ;p

Suzan Ok

love your blog!!! resipi masakan ala kampung... ^^ can't wait to try...

AloyCia E.Joan

Thanks Susan, most of the recipe adalah masakan kaum Dusun di pergunungan.

Although it's just a simple dish but I'm very proud to share it here ... :)

kitchen flavours

Thanks for visiting and following my blog. The fish is really interesting and I can see that it taste delicious. Do you eat this as it is with rice or is there any spicy sauce to go together with this? It is nice to know about the special foods Sabah.

AloyCia E.Joan

Hi kitchen flavours,

This is really KadazanDusun traditional method of cooking fresh fish. It was very tasty eaten with rice accompanied by other Sabahan side dishes such as sambal tuhau, jeruk bambangan or even simple mince bird eye chili with lime juice.

Thanks you in return.

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