Tuhau Floss (Serunding Tuhau)

I made this recipe since there are plenty of tuhau that I bought from Tamu few days ago.  I have made some of it into sambal tuhau. There are still some remaining stalks and I can't keep it longer or it will become wither and dry.  So I decide to make tuhau floss.

Tuhau floss???... Maybe it derives its name from the appearance that looks like meat floss.  Actually I got this recipe several years ago during wedding ceremony of one of my family member.  Although it was only a modest side dish, but it has become the most popular complementary meal at that time. The tuhau that been cooked differently from the usual make the aroma and the unique taste draw up appetite.  Taste great with it subtly sweet-sour-hot and delightful salty sensation.

  1. A few stalk tuhau
  2. Some Sabahan white chili
  3. Quite a bit of sliced shallots
  4. A handful anchovies
  5. A sprinkle of sugar
  6. Salt to taste
  7. 2tbsp lime juice
  8. Oil for deep-fry

Cooking method:
  • Take off the hard part of the tuhau stalk.  Cut the inner core about 2 inch.  Slice it thinly.
  • Heat up oil in a preheated wok.  Add in anchovies. Deep-fry until crispy.  Set aside.
  • In the same wok add in sliced tuhau, shallot and white chili.  Add in salt and sugar.  
  • Keep frying until the tuhau become flossy, golden, light and crispy.  Re-enter the fried anchovies. Stir well to combine. Remove from heat and strain the excess oil.
  • Sprinkle lime juice over and ready to serve.

This will keep longer in a sealed container. It goes great with anything like plain rice, noodles, soup or even as a snack while enjoying a can of beer… cheers!!!


Robert Francis

Glad to see you making tuhau floss. This is one of the hardest dish to make, and because of that, it won the cooking competition Ranau district level in 2009 (first time introduced). I am sure it will go far as a unique delicacy of Sabah.

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