Chicken Wings in Tuhau Flavor

Just mention the word 'Tuhau', what would be surely reflected in your mind is the sambal tuhau. Actually tuhau not only delicious to made as sambal.  It can also be mixed in any type of cooking.  Although the smell of the tuhau is quite strong but it has a slight natural sweet taste. If you use it in your cooking especially meat dishes, you should not add too much flavoring such as MSG because the tuhau itself can generate the natural flavor of the dishes.

Today's recipe is about the chicken wings cooked with tuhau and some other ingredients. It is quite easy to prepare and tastes so good. Here's the recipe.

Chicken Wings in Tuhau Flavor


4 chicken wings
2 tomato (sliced)
1 stem tuhau (sliced)
some ginger (sliced)
some garlic (sliced)
1 tbsp chili paste
Seasoning ingredients:
  1. 1tbsp light soy sauce
  2. 1tsp oyster sauce
  3. 1tsp sugar
  4. 1tsp  pepper powder
  5. half glass of water

    Cooking Method:
    • Cut chicken wings into 3 section. Keep aside.
    • Stir fry sliced garlic, ginger and chili paste until fragrant. 
    • Enter chicken wings and sliced tuhau.  Stir until well combined.
    • Add in all seasoning ingredients followed by half glass of water.  
    • Bring to simmer until the gravy is almost dry.  Add in sliced tomato, stir for a while.  And its done. 

    Chicken Wings in Tuhau Flavor


    kitchen flavours

    This is another new dish for me! I have never heard of tuhau. What is it exactly? From the picture it looks like serai, but I do not think that it is! Very interesting!

    AloyCia E.Joan

    Hi, thanks for stop by.
    Actually, tuhau included in the same family with ginger, turmeric and bunga kantan. Its appearance is more similar to the bunga kantan tree. If tuhau grow side by side with the bunga kantan tree, it would definitely confusing. But it can be distinguished by its smell and unlike bunga kantan tree, tuhau did not produce flowers.

    Evyline Alexandra

    It looks tasty...but I'm not quite sure about the chicken+tuhau combo though..how does it taste? anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe!


    Is this a new recipe?
    I eat tuhau but not sure if you can add it in other kind of food? How is it taste?

    AloyCia E.Joan

    Hi, Evyline & Zezebel.

    Maybe the strong smell of tuhau will automatically reflected in your mind. But actually, when it's mixed in any type of cooking, it’s amazingly will provide rich flavor into the food and the strong smell will turn into mildly sweetly aroma. If you are a fan of tuhau, you should try this new recipe...

    Sumandak Kinabalu

    Wah, I never knew about this recipe. Thanks for sharing kio...
    Will try this at home...
    OMG! cannot wait to tell mum about this :)

    AloyCia E.Joan

    Hi Sumandak Kinabalu,
    Thanks for stop by and following my blog. Actually this is just a simple recipe of my own. Hope you enjoy trying it out, let me know when you've do
    Pounsikou... :)

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