Preserved Pork (Pinongian)

Pinongian is one of the traditional foods that have been handed down from generation to generation of KadazanDusun people. This is the best way to store food for longer lasting, especially in the days before there are refrigerator. In that time, when they got more result in their hunting or fishing, they need to preserve it for not to become stale and rotten.

The preservative used is the Flesh of the seeds from the tree Pangium edule or known locally as Pangi (called buah keluak or kepayang in Malay). It widely grows in the forest. The preservative quality of the seed is very potent (contain hydrogen cyanide) that eating it raw can induce nausea, vomiting and even death. The fresh pangi need to soak for a few days and then smoke-dry before can use it flesh as preservative.

Actually Pinongian is different from Bosou even though both been through fermentation process. The difference is, bosou being preserved to get it sourish taste while pinongian preserved in order to make the meat or fish will last longer. Bosou can be eaten directly after the fermentation, while pinongian must be cooked before serving, even after preserved within a period of time.

Here I would like to show you how to make pinongian. This time I used the pork skin and some pork lard. However you can follow the same method if you want to preserve fish or other meat.

  • 1kg skin and pork lard
  • 10-15 pangi

Step 1:
Pound pangi flesh into coarse powder
Step 2:
Clean, cut and drain the skin and pork lard
Step 3:
Sprinkle the pangi over the meat
Step 4:
Mix until well combined
Step 5:
Store in airtight bottle, container or jar
 ***We will see the results within 2 -4 weeks. More fragrant and more delicious if preserved for a longer period***


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This is interesting! I did not know that buah keluak can be used as a preservative. I usually use buah keluak to cook asam pedas, very delicious! How do you cook the pork lard that has been preserved? I notice that no salt is used for this!

AloyCia E.Joan

Buah keluak has been used as preservative by the KadazanDusun people since the old days. Usually the pork lard and skin that has been fermented will be cooked as a soup along with vegetables like thinly sliced young jack fruit. However, it is also very tasty cooked as soup with half matured pumpkin, some carrot and some chayote. I'll show you the result in my coming post.


wow.. lama sudah never heard about this method.. guna pangi..

Thanks for bringing the memory..

AloyCia E.Joan

Ya bah CathJ...
Younger generation are rarely do this anymore ...
Some even doesn't know how pangi looks like. That's why I feel pleased to share about some of our tradition food here in my blog... :)

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