Taro and Preserved Pork Soup

Hi, how are you all ... how's the New Year? ...whether it started as you would expect?... for me 00am at 1.1.2011  was a very exciting moment... still at kampung at that time and celebrate the year transitional moment with family and friends. These is how the villager welcoming the New Year every year ends ... almost everyone awake all night long or until 00am are elapsed.  Entire family enjoying BBQ and steamboat till midnight and sparks are emitted into the open sky exactly 00am and lasted nonstop for almost 30 minutes. 

It was a great fun to enjoy the beauty of the night when the entire village bathed in the light of the fireworks. And everybody wish for the New Year to continue shining and blessed with peace, happiness, healthy, wealthy and prosperity like the rays of light and color of the fireworks.  

Okay ... let the 00am passed by and we facing the new coming days with a new spirit... 

I'm not around for a long time. Seem like it been ages since my last post. Actually, there are many drafts that I’ve wrote down but not know which one to publish.

I just remember about my post a couple of month ago.... Preserved Pork (pinongian).  Maybe some of you are wondering how the result is and what kinds of dishes are suitable to it... So, I made a decision to share it here today.

Actually pinongian can be cooked in various ways. It can be cooked alone or mixed with any suitable vegetable. In KadazanDusun traditional cuisine it’s often cooked as soup with slices young jackfruit or young pumpkin or even in braised yam sticks (also called taduk by KadazanDusun).

For this recipe I made some modification by using taro instead of the vegetable that I’ve mention above.   I encourage you to try it because it tastes heavenly delicious and it's very ideal to served with KadazanDusun wrap rice .  Do not fear the fat because the actual process of fermentation has been sucking out nearly 80% of the fat from the skin and the lard...

 Taro and Preserved Pork Soup
(Pinongian miampai Lolondu)


Pinongian that been preserved for a month

Medium chunks of taro
  • some carrot
  • some ginger
  • 1 liter of water 
  • salt to taste
  • Clean and cut 200gm of pinongian into pieces.
  • Bring water to boil in a pot.  Put in taro, carrot and sliced ginger.  Cook till become a bit soft.
  • Add in pinongian and cover the pot.  Cook until well-done. Season and serve.


kitchen flavours

Hi, Welcome back! Happy New Year! I was wondering about this preserved pork and wanted to ask you about it! Right timing. This looks like comfort food to me. I can imagine how tasty the soup is. I love taro! Can the preserved pork be used for stewing and braising that requires about 1 to 2 hours of cooking? I'm curious to know!

AloyCia E.Joan

Hi KF.
This soup is really delicious. For those who are familiar with the taste of buah keluak sure can imagine the taste of this soup. Actually, the fermentation process was softening the meat. So it did not require long period of cooking. 45minutes to an hour is sufficient time to cook it.

kitchen flavours

My family absolutely love buah keluak, but it is not easy to find nowadays. We usually cook buah keluak in masak asam pedas either with fish or chicken. Really delicious!

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