Curry Flavored Chicken Wings in Soy Sauce

Today I’m a bit busy and tired.  So many things need to do.   I just got time to surf internet after all things are done.
I just login to my FB and just realize the post from Sabahan Blogger.  I feel pleased and appreciated because today once again Sabahan Blogger featuring my blog in it Random Featured Blog Post through my post Winter Melon with Kampung Chicken Soup.   Actually this is the second time Sabahan Bloggers featuring my blog post.  They first featured me through my post Simmered Fish .  That time I'm still too new in blogging so do not know how to appreciate it.


Random Featured Blog Post & Hot at the Discussion Board - November 18th, 2010

To members of Sabahan Bloggers
Dinoza Mahruf November 18 at 1:56am Reply Report
Random Featured Blog Post: Winter Melon with Kampung Chicken Soup
If you're feeling like eating a soup dish, check out Simply Delicious Easy Cooking's Winter Melon with Kampung Chicken Soup!

Winter Melon with Kampung Chicken Soup ---> http://eyokecooking.blogspot.com/2010/11/winter-melon-with-kampung-chicken-soup.html

Please do post your blog posts or check out other blog posts at the Wall at the Sabahan Bloggers page. I will randomly feature one of the blog posts under Wall for Random Featured Blog Post.


 So, once again… thank you very much to the Sabahan Blogger.

Actually I'm still in my recovery process especially my taste buds.  Been able to eat fried food, but for only certain foods. Today I’m feeling like to eat curry but just remember the smell and the fat, this throat is start feeling the nauseous. So I decided to cook my curry in a different way. Who knows if it works to relieve the taste buds problem?

So here's the recipe for my curry flavored chicken wings in soy sauce.


  1. 4 chicken wings
  2. Some sliced carrots
  3. Some sliced big onion
  4. Some sliced red chili
  5. Some minced garlic
  6. 1tbsp meat curry powder  
  7. 1/2 cup of water

  1. 1tbsp dark soy sauce
  2. 1tbsp light soy sauce (or to taste)
  3. 1tbsp oyster sauce
  4. 1tsp sugar
  5. A pinch of pepper powder

  • Clean and cut chicken wings into 3 sections.  Drain and coat with curry powder.  Marinate for a while.
  • Heat up oil in a pre-heated wok.  Saute garlic until fragrance.  Add in chicken wings and stir  to combine.
  • Pour in water and bring to boil.  Lower heat and simmer for a while.
  • Add in all seasoning ingredients followed by sliced carrot, big onion and chili.
  • Stir again until well combined.  Cover the wok and simmer again until the seasoning ingredients are completely absorbed by the chicken wings.
  • Serve hot with rice.
And it really works, I can consume it without problem and the important thing is I can feel its tastiness flavor.


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The chicken wings looks delicious! And congratulations for being featured in the Sabahan Blogger! I would be very pleased too if it was me! Good job! ^..^

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This chicken wings look so good and yummy.

AloyCia E.Joan

Hi KF,
Thank you very2 much... :)

Del Glamiva

My mouth is watering! Congrats to the featured post AloyCia! =)

AloyCia E.Joan

Hi Sonia,
Thanks for visiting me and being my follower...

AloyCia E.Joan

Hi Del Glamiva,
Thanks so much... :)


Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog and for being a follower. I love the idea of adding curry to your wings--they look delicious! ;-)

Congrats on your featured blogger honor too.



AloyCia E.Joan

Hi Debinhawaii,
You’re most welcome…

And thanks in return for visiting my blog and for willing to be a follower of this simple blog... :)

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